In 1988 Alan was invited by Dr Hodson Thorner, former professor of Economics at Chicago University, to consult on the completion of the COGA US$1 billion coal gasification project south of Springfield, Illinois.

Dr Thornber had previously been involved in the expansion of QSTL throughout the world. This lead to meeting Robert "Bud" Meissner, the President of COGA who subsequently has become another good friend.

It was while working on the COGA project in Chicago that Alan began to develop his interest in the Information Super Highway and the Internet as a way to create a global business system that he had been developing for several years to help small business.

This later took Alan and Mary into New York, San Diego, NewPort Beach, Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Phoenix, as they worked to establish the Harp International Business Exchange.


Mary and Alan with COGA President Bud Meissner in Chicago.

Alan with his trusty old Mac Plus in the Chicago Apartment in the Presidential Towers.

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