Alan Metcalfe

Alan Metcalfe.

HarpBBT is managed by Alan Metcalfe. Mary Metcalfe is the Chief Financial Officer and Clayton Metcalfe is the firm's webmaster.

Alan Metcalfe is an electronic business ("e-business") system designer with experience in investment banking and international business in Australia and the major markets of North America and Europe. Today he specializes in developing intelligent e-business systems using the IBS-SafeWorld platform. For more information, see Alan's CV.

Alan Metcalfe is a member of a practical business family that has been serving Australian business and the community for more than 100 years.

Grandfather Metcalfe came to Australia from Ireland in the mid-Nineteenth Century to provide timber selection services for building Queensland's railways.

During his career, Alan Metcalfe has done business all over the world, establishing and managing public and private companies and helping hundreds of clients achieve their business goals through a variety of creative programs.


In the late 1960s the Metcalfe family mined copper in North West Queensland. In the early 1970s they were explorers of the Bowen Coal Basin. Alan was also actively involved in pioneering equity linked insurance in Australia, at this time.

In the 1970s Alan and Mary Metcalfe designed and introduced free weekly newspapers to Queensland and in the 1980s, they produced 15 films for international television release.

During the 1980s Alan founded and managed one of Australia's most successful technology start-up companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.




Metcalfe Family
Alan, Mary & Clayton.

Since 1990, Metcalfe Holdings Pty Ltd has been at the forefront of the development of e-business on the Internet. With with assistance of son Clayton and Mary, Alan and an international team of software developers has designed e-business systems that enable client users to do business electronically. Before the World Wide Web even existed, they had designed the world's first Internet browser for business and were promoting the potential of e-business to the world.

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